Commit ed207450 authored by Daniel Johnson's avatar Daniel Johnson
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Add code to shift waveform peak to t=0

parent 7402647b
#!/usr/bin/env python
import numpy
import sys
import os
for path in sys.argv[1:]:
main_dir = path
sim = path.split("/")[-2]
strain_data = numpy.loadtxt(path)
cur_max_time = strain_data[0][0]
cur_max_amp = abs(pow(strain_data[0][1], 2)) + abs(pow(strain_data[0][2], 2))
for i in strain_data[:]:
cur_time = i[0]
cur_amp = abs(pow(i[1], 2)) + abs(pow(i[2], 2))
cur_max_amp = cur_amp
cur_max_time = cur_time
for i in strain_data[:]:
i[0] -= cur_max_time
numpy.savetxt("./Extrapolated_Strain/"+sim+"/"+sim+"_shifted_radially_extrapolated_strain.dat", strain_data)
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