Commit 0286a3b5 authored by slevy's avatar slevy
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parent b13421fa
......@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ extern int parti_make_subcam( CONST char *name, int argc, char **params );
extern int parti_subcam_named( CONST char *name );
extern int parti_select_subcam( int index );
extern char *parti_subcam_list( void );
extern char *parti_get_subcam( int index, char *paramsp100 );
extern CONST char *parti_get_subcam( int index, char *paramsp100 );
extern int parti_current_subcam( void );
extern struct Fl_Plot *parti_register_plot( struct stuff *st, void (*draw)(struct Fl_Plot *, void *obj, void *arg), void *arg );
extern void parti_hrdiag_on( int on );
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