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mpitar: add section about differences to GNU tar

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......@@ -48,6 +48,20 @@ feather.tar >feather.tar.idx
extracts the index file from the end of the tar file.
Differences to GNU tar
* mpitar produces PAX (POSIX) compatible tar files which differ from the GNU
tar format that GNU tar uses by default.
* mpitar's -T option defaults to not recurse into directories, while tar does.
* mpitar does not handle symbolic link whose target name exceeds 100 characters
Within these limitations, mpitar will attempt to produce files bit-identical to
GNU tar version 1.29 if GNU tar is invoked with options `--no-recursion
--format=pax --record-size=512 --pax-option delete=?time --pax-option` and the index file is added as the last file to the
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