Commit 13dbf872 authored by Roland Haas's avatar Roland Haas
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mpitar: add long link to testsuite

parent e43214f9
echo "file1 $LOREM" >file1
echo "file2 $LOREM$LOREM" >file2
ln -s file1`seq -s'' 1 70` file3
mkdir dir1 dir2 dir1/dir11 dir2/$LONGDIR
echo "file3 $LOREM$LOREM$LOREM" >dir1/file3
echo "file4 $LOREM$LOREM$LOREM$LOREM" >dir1/dir11/file3
echo "Longfile $LOREM$LOREM" >dir1/$LONGNAME
ln -s dir1/$LONGNAME file3
find file2 dir2 -type f -or -type l -or -type d >files.txt
find file2 dir2 file3 -type f -or -type l -or -type d >files.txt
cat files.txt | mpirun -n 2 ../mpitar -f mpitar.tar -c file1 dir1 -T -
$TAR --recursion file1 dir1 --no-recursion -T files.txt -c -f tar.tar mpitar.tar.idx
cmptar tar.tar mpitar.tar
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