Commit d7e7400e authored by Roland Haas's avatar Roland Haas
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power: be more explicit about x^0 term in fit

no change but slightly more obvious code due to not using the
initializion values
parent dc07acce
......@@ -605,10 +605,10 @@ def POWER(sim_path, radii, modes, psi4_glob = PSI4_GLOB, f0 = FROM_TWOPUNCTURES,
A_phase = np.ones_like(radii)
A_amp = np.ones_like(radii)
for i in range(1, phase_extrapolation_order+1):
for i in range(0, phase_extrapolation_order+1):
A_phase = np.column_stack((A_phase, np.power(radii, -1*i)))
for i in range(1, amp_extrapolation_order+1):
for i in range(0, amp_extrapolation_order+1):
A_amp = np.column_stack((A_amp, np.power(radii, -1*i)))
b_phase = np.empty(dtype=radii.dtype, shape=(len(radii), len(t)))
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