Commit 7e8d09ed authored by Roland Haas's avatar Roland Haas
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POWER: remove always triggered warning about low psi4 amplitude

parent 44ee260e
......@@ -431,14 +431,6 @@ def POWER(sim_path, radii, modes):
mp_psi4_vars[i][:, 1] *= radii[i]
mp_psi4_vars[i][:, 2] *= radii[i]
#Check for psi4 amplitude going to zero
# RH: this makes very little sense since the amplitude is
# expected to be zero initially and very late
psi4_amp = np.sqrt(mp_psi4_vars[i][:, 1]**2 + mp_psi4_vars[i][:, 2]**2)
min_psi4_amp = np.amin(psi4_amp)
if(min_psi4_amp < np.finfo(float).eps and el >= 2):
print("The psi4 amplitude is near zero. The phase is ill-defined.")
#Fixed-frequency integration twice to get strain
# Strain Conversion
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