Commit 6100e45a authored by Roland Haas's avatar Roland Haas
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POWER: get QLM column numbers from header

parent ed7c87aa
......@@ -272,9 +272,22 @@ def angular_momentum(x, q, m, chi1, chi2, LInitNR):
def getFinalSpinFromQLM(sim_path):
mass_path = sorted(glob.glob(os.path.join(sim_path, OUTPUT_DIR_GLOB, "quasilocalmeasures-qlm_scalars..asc")))
# get columns to read
with open(mass_path[-1]) as fh:
for line in fh:
# CapretIOASCII files have a header like this:
# column format: 1:it 2:time 3:data
# data columns: 3:qlm_time[0] 4:qlm_time[1] ...
if line.startswith("# data columns:"):
cols = dict([col.split(":")[::-1] for col in line.split()[3:]])
col_M_final = int(cols["qlm_mass[2]"])-1
col_Sz_final = int(cols["qlm_spin[2]"])-1
A_val = np.loadtxt(mass_path[-1]) ## For mass calculation
M_final = A_val[:,58][-1]
Sz_final = A_val[:,37][-1]
M_final = A_val[:,col_M_final][-1]
Sz_final = A_val[:,col_Sz_final][-1]
a_final = Sz_final / M_final
return a_final, M_final
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