Commit 6b41d62c authored by Roland Haas's avatar Roland Haas
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POWER: avoid array division if only last value is required

parent d3e76f26
......@@ -892,8 +892,8 @@ def eq_29(argv, args):
mass_path = sorted(glob.glob(simdirs))
A_val = np.loadtxt(mass_path[-1]+"quasilocalmeasures-qlm_scalars..asc") ## For mass calculation
r = radius
M = A_val[:,58][-1]
a = (A_val[:,37]/A_val[:,58])[-1]
M = A_val[-1,58]
a = A_val[-1,37]/A_val[-1,58]
modes_a = "l%d_m%d_r%.2f" %(l+1, m, radius) # "top" modes
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