Commit 40dbd29f authored by Daniel Johnson's avatar Daniel Johnson
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Add check for existence of files

parent be2c1d44
......@@ -295,6 +295,12 @@ for sim_path in paths:
simdirs = main_dir+"/output-????/%s/" % (sim)
f0 = getCutoffFrequency(sim)
#Check if necessary files exist
par_file = main_dir+"/output-0000/%s.par" % (sim)
two_punctures_file = main_dir+"/output-0000/%s/TwoPunctures.bbh" % (sim)
if(not os.path.isfile(par_file) or not os.path.isfile(two_punctures_file)):
#Create data directories
main_directory = "Extrapolated_Strain"
sim_dir = main_directory+"/"+sim
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