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What is this?
GlobusTransferHelper is a utility python package to be used with the Python API
to [Globus]( It aims to
simplify common tasks and reduce the number of cide lines needed for simple
There is currently no installer or `` provided, so installation consists
of downloading the code and putting it somewhere whitin your `$PYTHONPATH`.
When used as a python(3) module the helper is used like this:
import globustransferhelper
hlp = globustransferhelper.GlobusTransferHelper()
files =, "~")
print (files.keys())
The module can also be called from the command line, in which case it will log
you in to Globus and activate the BlueWaters and NearLine endpoints.
The file `` in this repository demonstrates most functionality
in the code.
* the Blue Waters SEAS team
* Galen Arnold
* Roland Haas
1. add `` to enable installation via `pip` etc.
1. add more useful python docstrings
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