Commit 42cd9081 authored by Roland Haas's avatar Roland Haas
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globustransferhelper: remove Nearline endpoint

parent 5060378d
......@@ -57,7 +57,6 @@ EP_BLUEWATERS = "d59900ef-6d04-11e5-ba46-22000b92c6ec"
EP_BLUEWATERS_DUO = "fccadd10-dafc-11e9-80d3-0adb8449f244"
EP_BLUEWATERS_AWS = "c518feba-2220-11e8-b763-0ac6873fc732"
EP_BLUEWATERS_GOOGLE = "36b243a0-6d5d-11e9-8e59-029d279f7e24"
EP_NEARLINE = "d599008e-6d04-11e5-ba46-22000b92c6ec"
# TODO: turn into a full fledged file-system-content object that can handle
# globus and local file systems transparently (needs some caching to be
......@@ -357,4 +356,3 @@ if __name__ == '__main__':
# log in, then quit. Useful for scripted use
transfer = GlobusTransferHelper()
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